Systemic Counselling

Experience-based counselling in English*


* possibile anche in italiano

Are you facing difficult challenges or decisions?

Are you troubled and can't find the right answers to your questions?


Relationship issues and partnership, parental roles and concerns, sexuality, setting boundaries, job and career issues, pressure and expectations, facing the upcoming stages of personal development, space and time for your personal well-being – there is no reason to stay alone with your thoughts and concerns!


Systemic Counselling is based on practical experiences - I will accompany you with themes and issues you are concerned with.

Look at your life and challenges from a different point of view – discover and strengthen your resources and your abilities needed for the upcoming steps.

Systemics Counselling is open for individuals, couples and families.


I am a systemic counsellor (in training), dramatherapist, budo-based mindfulness trainer, and theatre trainer.

A non-binding first meeting can be arranged anytime.


Fees are based on your income.


First meeting


30€ - income under 2.500€

35€ - income under 4.000€

45€ - income over 4.000€


Follow-up meetings (between 60 and 90 minutes)


60€ - income under 2.500€

75€ - income under 4.000€

90€ - income over 4.000€


For further questions or contact, please write to