Moments, Places, Journeys (2011)

by Iwan Brioc

A film produced during the European partnership project "Moments, Places, Journeys". The project main aim was to observe the potential of participative arts in public spaces. Can arts be a means for re-establishing a connection to places that we have lost our connection to? Do arts have the potential to create a sense of participation and belonging? Can arts be a means to activate processes of transformation and change, also on social and political level?

Muktadhara Festival, India (2010)

by Clément Poutot

Muktadhara Festival 2010, a biannual festival organized by the Indian theatre movement "Jana Sanskriti". The festival has not only become an important moment that tells the activist story of Jana Sanskriti but an important meeting point for the international Theatre of the Oppressed community.

The film includes interviews and insights into the festival, the Kolkata manifestation and the international workshops.

Nightwind/Viento Nocturno - Hector Aristizabal

(c) ImaginAction

Solo performance by Hector Aristizabal inspired by his personal experience with torture in Medellin, Colombia and the kidnapping, torture and assassination of his brother, Juan Fernando Aristizabal, by the paramilitary dead squats in Colombia.