Interviews about different applications of Theatre of the Oppressed

with practitioners from all around the world


Interviews zu verschiedenen Anwendungen Theater der Unterdrückten

mit Praktizierenden aus aller Welt Robert Klement

...between Ideologies, Imagination and Healing

Interview with Hector Aristizabal (ImaginAction, Los Angeles, USA - in English)

...qualunque cosa dia potere alla gente

Intervista con Matteo Lombardi (Casa per la Pace Milano, Italia - in italiano)

Theatre alone is not enough.

Interview with Barbara Santos (Kuringa, Berlin, Germany - in English)

…about the rehearsal for total revolution and the practice of love

Interview with Sima and Sanjoy Ganguly (Jana Sanskriti, Kolkata, India - in English)

...about incomplete TO, spaces for healing and taking our history in our own hands

Interview with Birgit Fritz (InExActArt, Vienna, Austria - in English)

Theatre to help us live.

Interview with David Diamond (Theatre for Living, Vancouver, Canada - in English)

...about learning with and from each other on our little islands.

Interview with Luc Opdebeeck and Thamar Kemperman (Formaat, Rotterdam, Netherlands - in English)

...about radical intimacy and missing visions.

Interview with Chen Alon (Combatants for Peace, Palestine and Israel - in English)

…about never getting bored (of Theatre of the Oppressed), the well-covered mechanisms of power and the challenge of becoming united while respecting the differences of others.

Interview with Roberto Mazzini (Cooperativa Giolli, Italy - in English)