Interviews zum Theater der Unterdrückten

mit Praktizierenden aus aller Welt


...von Robert Klement

...between Ideologies, Imagination and Healing

Interview with Hector Aristizabal (ImaginAction, Los Angeles, USA - in English)

...qualunque cosa dia potere alla gente

Intervista con Matteo Lombardi (Casa per la Pace Milano, Italia - in italiano)

Theatre alone is not enough.

Interview with Barbara Santos (Kuringa, Berlin, Germany - in English)

…about the rehearsal for total revolution and the practice of love

Interview with Sima and Sanjoy Ganguly (Jana Sanskriti, Kolkata, India - in English)

...about incomplete TO, spaces for healing and taking our history in our own hands

Interview with Birgit Fritz (InExActArt, Vienna, Austria - in English)

Theatre to help us live.

Interview with David Diamond (Theatre for Living, Vancouver, Canada - in English)

...about learning with and from each other on our little islands.

Interview with Luc Opdebeeck and Thamar Kemperman (Formaat, Rotterdam, Netherlands - in English)

...about radical intimacy and missing visions.

Interview with Chen Alon (Combatants for Peace, Palestine and Israel - in English)

…about never getting bored (of Theatre of the Oppressed), the well-covered mechanisms of power and the challenge of becoming united while respecting the differences of others.

Interview with Roberto Mazzini (Cooperativa Giolli, Italy - in English)