Systemic Couselling

When thoughts, feelings and action strategies keep on repeating over and over again, new impulses are needed for change. Systemic Counselling helps you to discover new perspectives and to liberate the ressources within you.


Therefore, it is essential to take a look at you as part of your systems: your outer system (your family, your family history, your job surroundings, etc.) and your inner system (feelings, belief systems, blockades, etc.)


The most challenging issues mostly have a specific and helpful function within our system. Therefore, deadlocked patterns of behaviour have to be changed without putting out entire system at risk. Systemic Counselling is searching for healthy and gentle impulses for change.


They take place in individual settings, with couples and small groups. We use conversation and, depending on the situation, complementing body and movement methods (coming from budotherapy, dramatherapy and systemic theatre).


There is no limitation to the topics. A counselling process may be helpful for:

  • finding benevolent and cherishing ways of confronting your personal questions, conflicts and crisis,
  • taking a more comprehensive and meaningful perspective at your life events,
  • bringing order into the chaos,
  • analyzing your roles and patterns of acting – and develop alternative possibilities of action,
  • exploring your own, authentic communication strategies.